Design is life

While I managed to complete my video, I’ve had some major issues with rendering. Not what I need the day before hand in.

More filming, thanks to my fantastic extras. Definitely my favourite scene.


Working on my film, I’ve decided to make it black and white in keeping with my simple aesthetic. Due to all the colour around uni which is unavoidable, I think a black and white style will draw focus to the intent of the film.

Moving along

Working on my film, I wanted to create a connection between the split screen shots without making it too obvious.

One way I created this was through the rhythm of my model’s walking. In the scenes in which she walks in a similar direction for both screens, I set up a stereo with a constant rhythm to create a beat for her to walk along to.

Antoher way I created this was by trying to imitate the camera panning in split shots wherever possible, and trying to get a similar scene so the background will ‘run into each other’ for the split shots.

Filming for my video.

Excuse the audio.


I’ve now chosen my ‘model’ for my film and have started filming, at least a few elements of the movie I am sure about at this stage.

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